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Crochet Corner-to-Corner Scrap Yarn Blanket – Free Pattern — 15 Comments

  1. About how much yarn did you use for your longest rows? Would it be possible to begin on the longest rows to ensure not running out there, and work in both directions?

  2. Hi Barb, that is a good question. I really didn’t keep track of the yardage, but I used the skeins that had the most yarn for those sections. The pattern starts with 1 cluster and each row grows by 1 more cluster, so I don’t think it would work to start with the longest row first. I know what you mean, but it would take a lot of altering to do. Part of the fun for me was to see if I’d make it each row. Most of them did, but some I had to add a slightly different color to finish the row, for example, the red color ran out and I added a different shade of red to finish the section. No one will notice, and if they do, it just adds to the beauty, right?.

  3. Love the c2c with rope edging!!! C2C is my go to pattern as well, but could not get the look with homespun yarn, you have inspired me to give it another go, thanks

  4. Thank you so much Jan! It turned out thick and soft, I like it in this yarn too. Glad you’re inspired to make one! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’m working on this right now and love how it’s coming out. I can’t really tell from your picture but what kind of edging did you put on it? Thanks for this great idea for scrap yarn use!

  6. I wasn’t keeping track of the exact yardage so I have no way of knowing how many skeins I used. It was a lot of yarn and is very heavy.

  7. It’s hard to say how much yarn is used. I made one and used about 20 different colors from skeins I had. I still have quite a bit left since it wasn’t a lot from each skein. It is very heavy, but beautiful.

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