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Sparkle Hoop Earring Pattern by The Purple Poncho June 2014


Here is a fun and quick earring pattern for you to make using embroidery thread and a pair of hoop earrings.  You know I love a little sparkle, and this embroidery thread has just the right amount.  By using the entire strand of thread it gives the earrings a more solid feel to them without being too heavy on your ears.  Here we go… 

Sparkle Hoop Earrings


DMC Light Effects Thread – Sky Blue, Pearlescent Effects – 5 yards  Click here for more colors

Hook – 1.7 mm

1” Set of silver hoop earrings

Tapestry needle for weaving in the ends

Craft glue


ch – chain; sc – single crochet; rsc – reverse single crochet


Remove thread from wrapping and carefully straighten it out to work with.  Use all 6 strands of thread together.  Do not turn your work, always working with the same side facing you throughout pattern.  When starting on the second earring, start on the opposite end so that the earrings will mirror each other.


Row 1: Sc over earring and tail. (23 sc)

Row 2: Ch 1, 23 rsc around. (23 rsc).

Cut thread and weave in ends with tapestry needle.

Place a small dab of glue on each end of your crochet and earring to keep the thread from sliding.





Straighten out thread and leave a small tail.

Straighten out thread and leave a small tail.


Single crochet around the hoop and tail.

Single crochet over the hoop and tail.


Single crochet around until desired look

Single crochet around until desired length.


Reverse single crochet back around the hoop

Reverse single crochet back around the hoop.


Sparkle Hoop Earring Pattern - The Purple Poncho 062014


I hope you enjoy this pattern and your new earrings.

Have a great day,

          Carolyn 🙂


Appreciate a link back to my website for pattern credit if you sell or display photos on your social media sites.  Do not claim pattern as your own.  Would love to see your design linked to my Ravelry Shop or on my Facebook page.  If you have any questions about the pattern, please contact me HERE and I will be happy to help.


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