Crochet Crossbody Bags & Purses

Purple Diamond Stitch Purse with Gold accents

Purple Diamond Stitch Purse with Gold Vintage Button

Here are my latest crocheted crossbody bags and purses that I’ve designed and posting for inspiration only.  I free form my purses and really enjoy just creating each one.   Continue reading


Spotlight on Crochet – A Tip For Working With Dark-Colored Yarn


A Spotlight On Crochet With An LED Headlight by The Purple Poncho

Do you ever have difficulty working with dark-colored yarns?  Is it hard to see the stitches at night or on a cloudy day?  I know I do, especially when I sit down after a long day and want to relax in the evening and crochet.   I get out my project and then I need to turn on every light in the house to see what I’m doing. Then I discovered the LED Headlight.  It’s a hands free light and you wear it on your head.  Continue reading

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Mood Blanket A Work In Progress

Mood Blanket in Progress by The Purple Poncho

Hi Friends,

I started this Mood Blanket exactly one year ago.   I had about 24 squares made, and then put them away for another day.   I’m trying to complete my WIPs before starting another big project, so I’ve been working feverishly on it again.     Continue reading

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Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup

Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup by Carolyn

Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup – this batch includes some green beans too.

Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup

It’s crockpot & soup weather again and I love it!  I enjoy experimenting with crockpot recipes and came up with my own version of tortilla soup.  This is a great soup to use up leftover chicken and vegetables you have in the fridge.  I found that if you add more corn tortillas to the mixture than the 6 to 8 mentioned below then your broth will be thicker. This has a spicy kick to it, so omit the Anaheim chile pepper seeds if you prefer it on the mild side.  This is my new favorite soup and I hope you like it.  Here we go… Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Locks of Love

To start off the New Year, my daughter cut off her lovely hair for Locks of Love!  She sent in 11 inches for them to make a wig for children who have lost their hair due to serious illnesses.  To learn more and donate to Locks of Love, click HERE.

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Moogly 2014 Afghan Crochet-A-Long by The Purple Poncho

Moogly CAL 2014 afghan completed

Moogly CAL 2014 afghan completed

Well, it’s finally finished!

My Moogly 2014 afghan crochet-a-long is now complete with border and all.  This was a fun project to make and I was always anticipating what the next square would look like.  I definitely had my favorites right off the bat, like Block #15 which I ended up making twice.   Surprisingly, I ended up liking some squares that I didn’t think I would once they were done.

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Lovely Flowers

Purple Orchids by The Purple Poncho 2014

Purple Orchids I found at the grocery store. The color is SO vivid!

Hi Friends,

I’ve been meaning to update my site with some of the flower photographs I’ve taken the past few months. I post them on my Facebook page every Monday, (or try to) and wanted to share them with you all. “Have a great week” is the caption I use, but here I wanted to go into more detail about where and why I took these photos. Hope you enjoy…

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Sparkle Flower Hair Accessory A Free Crochet Pattern

Sparkle Flower Hair Accessory Free Crochet Pattern The Purple Poncho

Sparkle Flower Hair Accessory  – A Free Crochet Pattern

This is a simple and elegant sparkle flower hair accessory to make for those special occasions.  It can also be worn as a beautiful bracelet too!  The yarn is what really makes it pop with the metallic thread running through it and the pretty sequins.  I topped it off with a beveled bead in the center for an extra splash of bling.

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Herringbone Infinity Scarf A Free Crochet Pattern

Herringbone Infinity Scarf  A Free Crochet Pattern by The Purple Poncho

I love the look of color blocking and this herringbone stitch adds so much texture to the scarf.  It works up quickly and once you get the rhythm of the stitch, it is one of those patterns that you can make on autopilot.  It’s very versatile, the size and gauge can easily be adjusted to make it longer (2 st repeat) or wider (add more rows).  This is a very attractive scarf and looks great in a solid or variegated yarn too! 

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Climbing Braids Beanie – Crochet Pattern


Climbing Braids Beanie Crochet Pattern by The Purple Poncho

Introducing the Climbing Braids Beanie, a crochet pattern, which offers lots of great texture, interest and a braid design.   I designed this hat to keep you warm and cozy while looking fashionable this Fall and Winter season.  Braids are very popular and have always been a favorite of mine.  I hope you like them too.

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