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Island Breeze Bag Free Pattern by The Purple Poncho

The Island Breeze Bag is a casual yet elegant bag that will soon become your favorite!  The color reminds me of the ocean and has me dreaming of a tropical Island getaway.  It’s made from fabric strips in a chunky weight, so it is fast to make, which is a bonus. This would be nice as an everyday purse, a beach bag, or a project bag. Here we go… 

Island Breeze Bag A Free Pattern by The Purple Poncho

Sizes: The size can be altered by adjusting the starting chain.  For a larger bag, add more chains or smaller bag, make less chains to start.  I don’t recommend making it too big, because it will be heavy even when it’s empty. 

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Island Breeze Bag Supplies

Fettuccini by Lion Brand Yarns – super bulky weight #6 yarn, 80-90 yards, color Blue, 2 skeins
Hook – Size P
Stitch Markers
Metal Connectors or Purse Rings for straps
Gauge:  Not crucial to design.  This bag measures 14″ wide by 10.5″ tall.
sl st – slip stitch
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
sc dec – single crochet decrease
st(s) – stitch(es)

Notes: When working with the fabric yarn, when you come to a knot or a place where 2 strips are sewn together, I found it best to undo it and add my own knot with long tails to crochet over for sturdiness.  These sections pull apart easily and you don’t want them to unravel in your project later.  Also, every skein has varying thicknesses throughout and it is not entirely uniform in size.  This makes it thick in some spots and thin in others.  When working the corners or the end sts on the first 3 Rows, you should make adjustments in the stitch placement based on the fabric variations, placing 2 or 3 sc in each corner, or by working 2 sc in 1 sp, and then 2 more sc in the next sp to keep your corners flat.  You will have to judge as you go.

Working in the round, do not turn your work.

R1: Ch 16,  sk 1 ch, 1 sc in ea st across, 3 sc in end st, 1 sc back up other side, 3 sc in end st.
R2: Place stitch marker around 1st st from R1; *1 sc in ea st across, 2 sc in the end st*, Repeat *-*.
R3: *1 sc in ea st across, 2 sc at corner st, 2 sc in next st (see Notes above)*; Repeat *-*.
R4: 1 sc around.
R5-11: Repeat R4.
R12-13: *1 sc across, 1 sc dec in corner*, Repeat *-*.
R14: Repeat R4.

Adding the Rings:  Lay your bag flat and attach a stitch marker where you want to place your handles, evenly spaced.
R15:  1 sc around, placing 1 or 2 sc in each Ring (depends on size of ring).  I have 2 sc in each Ring.
R16: 1 sl st around.
End off, weave in ends.

Straps: Attach yarn to 1 Ring, Ch st to desired length, sl st to the other Ring on the same side.  Sl st back up your ch for thickness (optional).  Repeat for other side.  I have 30 chains on each handle.

Island Breeze Bay - The Purple Poncho

Embellish:  With leftover t-shirt yarn, cut the yarn into strips about 12″ long.  Then cut the width of the strips in half. Add beads or findings and tie ends together in a knot.  Repeat for as much bling as you desire.  Tie all the ends to the inside of the purse by threading them through a stitch, adjusting the length of each one.  I staggered 3 strips on this bag and used the leftover Metal Findings to match the Rings. A flower or brooch would look pretty too.

Lining:  This bag is not lined and I haven’t lost anything out of it.  There are some spaces through the stitches and it would be nice lined also.  I don’t mind the spaces because I don’t want to get out my sewing machine.


Island Breeze Bag A Free Crochet Pattern by The Purple Poncho

Island Breeze Bag by The Purple Poncho

Thank you for your interest in my designs. Happy Crocheting.

Have a great day!


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Appreciate a link back to my website for pattern credit.  Do not claim this pattern or photographs as your own. If you have any questions about the pattern, please contact me HERE and I will be happy to help. Written pattern and photographs copyright The Purple Poncho 2015.


Island Breeze Bag – A Free Crochet Pattern — 19 Comments

  1. Lois, I bought them at Joann’s in the beading section, Blue Moon, Metal Connectors in color gold. Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. Are we working in the rind staring in R4 or starting from the very beginning? Reason that I ask is that my impression is that you do a couple of rows and then begin doing the round… But looking at the pattern(and probably overthinking in my part) it makes it sound like you work in the round the same way as making a beanie per say……

  3. Hi Carolyn:
    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome pattern! You are so talented and have a great eye for design. I made one out of some yarn I had made out of thick knit fabric. I started with 12 chains and made mine shorter. It only took a few days and it came out so beautiful. My daughter has been begging me to make her one too.

  4. Hi Dianne, I’m so glad you like the pattern and your new bag! Appreciate your comment with your alterations and kind words! I hope you enjoy it and make several more. Have a great day 🙂

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