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Spotlight on Crochet – A Tip For Working With Dark-Colored Yarn — 13 Comments

  1. I purchased mine at Costco, but I didn’t see them online for Costco. If you Google “LED Headlight Headlamp” there will be several of them to choose from. I also was told that Harbor Freight Tools has them. 🙂

  2. Geez! why didn’t I think of that! Frequently, I have to stand up next to the lamp when working with dark yarns…
    and I bought one of four of my young grandsons – should’ve bought one for Mom Mom, too!

    Thanks! great tip!

  3. yeah thanx just signed up for your blog an so anxious about the headlight also taking bead class talk about nuts trying too see the beads , also crocheting by renee

  4. I purchased a ‘necklace’ type light called a ‘huglite’ that has two led bulbs on each end. It doesn’t distract others in the room and I can adjust the two ends to perfectly shine on my crocheting or on my pattern. Very helpful when working on dark projects or at night. 2 AAA batteries. The Huglite on eBay for less than $7.00 with free shipping! It’s very light weight and positionable for better visibility.
    Here’s the link. I don’t have any investment in this product or company, just wanted to help others who may have had the same issues I did: Right now they are 5.99 with free shipping.

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