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Hairpin Lace Shimmer Scarf is stunning.  It is so soft and fluffy, with just a hint of sparkle (I love that). The scarf is a tubular scarf and the pattern is the same on every side.  The colors are striking and really make the design pop.  This is my new favorite scarf to make, wear, and gift!  This labor of love is perfect for Valentine’s Day in these colors. 

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Rating:  Intermediate, prior knowledge of working with the loom.


1 skein Red Heart Shimmer – Color black (WW #4)
1 skein Red Heart Shimmer – Color Hot Pink (WW #4)
Hook – Size H & N
Hairpin Lace Kit
Tapestry Needle for weaving in the ends
Gauge: 6 sc stitches and 1 strip = 1.5 inches (measured lengthwise)
Scarf dimensions are 5” wide and 74” long (excluding fringe tassels)
Finished tassels are 6” long (each)

sl st – slip stitch
ch – chain
sc – single crochet

Notes: Set loom prongs on the widest setting, approximately 4” apart.  Secure a long contrasting piece of yarn to the top of each prong and work your lace to enclose this yarn as a guide so your loops won’t get tangled up.  Make the same amount of stitches on both prongs, 252 loops on the left prong and the right prong for each strip.  Place a marker at every 50 stitches so you don’t have to recount from the beginning each time.  Leave 12” tails at the beginning and end of your strips to work with later on for every strip.

Instructions: With Hook size H

Make 3 strips of each color with 252 loops on each side of the prongs using sc stitches (3 black strips, 3 hot pink strips). (504 loops, 504 sc each strip)


Lay the strips out on the ground, alternating colors, side by side, in the following order:

pink, black, pink, black, pink, black

Remove the contrasting yarn from the loops before starting, from about 20 stitches at a time on both strips.  If you take it all the way out, you may end up with a tangled mess.    It’s easy to lose a loop here, check your work often for any stragglers. Using the larger hook size N, alternate 6 loops from one pink strip and 6 loops from one black strip and chain stitch them together, repeat until you have 6 loops left. (42 braids).  Using the tail at the end of your strip, sl st the last group of 6 loops, knot and end off, do not cut tail yet.   Repeat until all 6 strips are connected together.  

If you don’t have exactly 252 loops or 42 braids, it won’t show.  Don’t panic if you have extra loops on one strip and less on the other.  I ended up with varying loop counts at the ends of my strips, on most of them, and it still turned out great.  You can adjust your loop count as you get close to the ends of each strip.  There is a lot of counting with hairpin lace.

Next,  fold the scarf in half lengthwise with the braids facing outward, and line up the unworked loops from the first pink strip to the unworked loops of the last black strip.  Join these 2 strips together as you did the rest (alternating 6 loop chains from one end to the other). This forms the circular tube of hairpin lace.  You won’t be able to tell which is the first strip or the last strip, it looks the same on all sides.  

Take all 6 tail ends and knot together to close the ends of your scarf.


Make 2 big fringe tassels approximately 6” long, and 70 repeats for thickness,  in color black, and attach one to each end.

Weave in the knot ends or include them in fringe tassels.

Hairpin Lace on the Loom by The Purple Poncho

My first strip of hairpin lace on the loom.


Hairpin Lace Shimmer Scarf by The Purple Poncho

Didn’t put a second contrasting yarn on one side. I do not recommend this, took forever to untangle the loops. I learned my lesson.


Hairpin Lace strips by The Purple Poncho

I made all the pink strips and then all the black strips. To join, you would have 1 black strip in-between these.

Hairpin Lace Joining Strips by The Purple Poncho

4 strips joined, 2 more to go. To make the tube, fold in half lengthwise, line up the unworked loops, chain together.


Hairpin Lace Shimmer Scarf - A Free Crochet Pattern by The Purple Poncho

Here’s one for your Pinterest Board:

This is a beautiful scarf.  The process of working with the loom was different from normal crocheting and a bit challenging at first.  After completing a few strips I got the hang of it, and the end result is SO worth it. 

Thank you for your interest in my designs.  Happy Crocheting.

Have a great day!


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